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Everything has a beginning, well except one thing, but that is a bigger topic to be covered by people much smarter than I. Without boring you with a story that starts “Once Upon A Time,” the roots of my desires to save money must have been watered during the mission trips I attended in high school. Seeing families survive, and be content, with much less than I had was truly eye-opening.

This certainly isn’t a story of selling everything or surviving on as little as possible. Our story is centered around having things I enjoy and value while saving in the process. Phrases like “Cash Back” and “Nearly Free” and  “Travel Hacking” are common around my house…and they are life-giving. I have been in the non-profit sector my entire working career and we’ve had to be creative to make our adventures.

It’s my hope that you can identify with our story and that you can glean small nuggets of helpful wisdom to add to your own adventure.

Who’s ready to begin a new adventure because now is the perfect time?

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